Sunday, December 31, 2006

Questions to ask before marriage.

A couple of weeks ago in the New York Times there was an article about issues couples should address prior to getting married. There was an attached article with fifteen questions that should be discussed.

I was intrigued for two reasons. One, as a single guy who is not opposed to the institution of marriage I sometimes think about this process. The more interesting part is that I have discussed all of these with women I was dating at one time or another except for #7. That is a question that never really crossed my mind to ask. I will be sure to add it to the list.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is there any other kind?

This headline leads me to the obvious question. Is there any other kind?

Woman Charged With Malicious Castration

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

March to Mecca

I can only assume that this is a joke. Greg Grutfeld on the Huffington Post expounds on a celebrity led march from Riyadh to Mecca in support of Gay rights in the middle-east. I assume its a joke for two reasons. One the celebrity leftist activists are far to busy condemning the US for everything under the sun to actually look around and realize that it ain't that bad here. Also, there is no way the Saudi's would allow it happen. After all, having the religous police beheading famous American actors would look very bad on TV and the Saudi's always want to look good on TV.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Are men funny?

Christopher Hitchens writes in Vanity Fair that men are funnier than women. Why you ask? Because they have to be he answers. Men's lives are genetically predisposed to impressing women and Mother Nature has not been kind.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A condemnation of American education

John Derbyshire in his article The Dream Palace of Educational Theorists refers to education in the US today as "basically a series of rent-seeking rackets." As someone who works in the higher education I do not agree with all of his assertions; however, as someone who works in higher education, I must say that his arguments are not without merit.

IQ Tests for Federal Judges?

The Ninth Circuit is full of the some of the most batty people to ever sit in a court room and there is a new candidate for dumbest. Audrey Collins, a judge in Los Angeles has ruled that President Bush's executive order freezing the assets of terrorist groups is unconstitutional, apparently because she likes terrorists. To suggest that the PKK or the Tamil Tigers are anything but terrorists is absurd. This also deterroistizes (I know its not a word) groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Quaeda. This effectively prevents the US government from taking steps to cut off the funding for terrorist groups around the world.

I hope she sleeps well. No one else should.