Friday, September 14, 2007

I have not posted much lately mostly because this is A. the beginning of the school year and life gets rather hectic around now and B. I just found out that I have diabetes and thus have become the petri dish for a number of medical professionals.

However there is an article in Inside Higher Ed today that once again reminds me that far to many people put their brains in neutral once they are appointed to the Federal Court System. Article, entitled Big Loss for Fraternities, explains how the U.S. Appeal Court in New York (the Second Circuit) overturned the district courts decision that the College of Staten Island could not refuse to recognize a fraternity because it did not admit women. Under this ruling no gender exclusive social organization can exist on a college campus.

I was not a member of a fraternity in college, and actually, spent a great deal of time mocking those who were. That being said, they had every right to associate with those that they wished to associate with. And they still do. Hopefully the Supreme Court will inform the Court of Appeals that they should pull their heads out of their butts. This is the type of ruling that one would expect from the Ninth Circuit which is filled with utter nutjobs but it is said that this type of insanity seems to be infectious.