Monday, March 06, 2006


I watched some of the Oscar's last evening. Other than rather boring, they were not very interesting. The Oscars go through phases of what types of films they want to honor. This year, it was obscure arty films that almost no one watched. It is interesting that none of the films nominated for best picture outgrossed Saw II at the box office, though on the screen would also be accurate.

These are all small niche films that only appeal to a somewhat limited audience. The fact that there were no high grossing films nominated may explain the overall decline in box office that the film industry is facing.

In another year, a film such as King Kong not only could have been nominated it might very well have won. It is certainly comparable to such winners as Titanic or Gladiator or even that atrociously bad film Dances with Wolves.

Hopefully in 2006, both the films released and the films honored will be better. Though looking at the drek that has been released so far this year, it can only go up.


Blogger exMI said...

I didn't bother watching them. Too much hype about gay (bi-sexual?) sheepherders to really interest me.

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