Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoons and Freedom of Speech

I have been horrified but not especially surprised at the uproar that the cartoons of Mohammed published in Denmark have caused. It is somewhat hypocritical of Arab nations and news outlets to be outraged by something deemed critical of their culture and religion when their rhetoric is full of what can only be described as "hate speech" towards Jews, Christians, Westerners, women and just about anyone else they can think of. Perhaps when they show some tolerance, I will feel some. Till then, perhaps they should just shut the Hell up.

As obscene as they riots and protests are, the most obscene part of this was the statement by the U.S. State Department condemning the publication of the cartoons. The U.S. government ought to support the notion of free speech everywhere. Whoever made that decision should be publically fired and the position renounced. If it was made in the White House then that person should be fired.


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