Saturday, February 25, 2006

ASPCA Law Enforcement?

There was a commercial from the ASPCA on television this evening. The spokesperson was a woman who identified herself as being part of the ASPCA Law Enforcement Division. She wore a uniform and a badge I assume to create the appearance of authority. My question is when did the ASPCA get deputized by some government to enforce any law and if they have who else is out there enforcing laws that we need to know about.

Does the timber industry have crews out hunting ecoterrorists?

Where are Greenpeace's SWAT teams for polluters?

We have public servants who have been selected and trained to enforce laws, and legislators elected to create law. These institutions have standards they have to meet and are at least technically open to public scrutiny and oversight.

Private organizations like the ASPCA have neither standards nor oversight and should not try to act like public ones.


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