Thursday, February 16, 2006


I have been following the Cheney shooting story and contemplating whether or not to comment. I was rather annoyed by some defenders of the VP who blamed Mr. Whittington for the accident. The first I learned from my father when he taught me gun safety was that I was responsible for the weapon. It is the shooter's responsibility to identify any risks and not shoot another hunter. In this instance Cheney made a mistake, as he admitted to Brit Hume. He was responsible and he blew it.

The other part of this is the ongoing griping and whining by the Washington media junta about what they have been told and when they were told it. Part of this is clearly their annoyance at being scooped by a local paper in Texas. After all, they are the arbiters of knowledge, how dare someone go around their egos. So in a fit of pique they have spent days doing little but griping rather than doing their jobs.

Did it never occur them that Dick Cheney, a man who has been hunting all of his life, might be personnaly embarassed by his mistake. Their was no coverup but apparently anyone that the media elites feel like humilitating must immediately dress themselves in sack cloth beg for their forgiveness.

Now today, on the editorial page the New York Times, otherwise known as the PR machine for the Democratic Party, Bob Herbert is demanding that Dick Cheney resign. Recounting all of Cheney's mistakes and proclaiming him unfit for office.

I am not a big fan of Cheney's or Bush's for that matter. But the American people elected them both for four year terms in office. So Herbert and all his running buddies are stuck with them and maybe they should just get over it.

As an aside, I wonder if Mr. Herbert could stand up to the scrutiny that he seems to want to dish out. Our political leaders do need to be scrutinized, but as the growing number of MSM foul ups that the blogosphere has exposed shows us. The MSM who want to be the judges, should perhaps be judged as well.


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