Saturday, May 07, 2005

New Movies

The season of cheesey horror films seems to be abating. There have been a number of well made films created largely for adults in theaters over the past couple of weeks. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Interpreter, and Kingdom of Heaven. While very different films, one can watch them and not feel ripped off after it is over. With Kingdom of Heaven, there was a little bit of an attempt to make a political statement about the current state of affairs in Israel but it was not overly blatant or annoying. I don't mind films with politics, I just want them to be logical and consistent with the plot. I also want the film makers to respect me as an audience member and let me deal with the political or social agenda of the film within the context of the film. I no longer watch Oliver Stone movies for this reason. Towards the end of hims films (the ones I have watched) there is a moment when some character does a "What have we learned" speech just in case anyone missed it.

I have watched many a movie that was silly, stupic, logically inconsistent, poorly written acted directed or made or all of the above. But I will not be condecended to by the film maker.

Just my thought.

Also, I have seen trailers for a new film called Night Watch, which is a Russian film that was one of the highest grossing films in Russian history. It looks to be an interesting apocalyptic fantasy with a conflict between good and evil (though the trailer does not make it clear who is who). It should be an interesting change from standard Hollywood fair. Hopefully, they will present it in Russian with subtitles and not dubbed into English.


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