Thursday, March 24, 2005

Let them alone!

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the ongoing interest in and coverage of the Terry Schaivo situation. It is by all accounts an incredibly tragic and personally devestating situation for that entire family. The fact that they seem to be at odds with one another over how to handle it makes it even more difficult. For the media to latch on like vultures is disgusting. For Tom DeLay and the Republicans in Congress and President Bush to exploit this tragedy for political gain is immoral. They should all truly be ashamed of themselves.

There are personal and private tragedies in this world. Exploiting them, for ratings or power is beyond reprehensible.

I have been a Republican for all of my life and stuff like this is driving me out of the party. They need to show some repect for the people, or all they will receive from the people is contempt.


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