Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sin City

I watched Sin City, a new movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller based on Miller's Sin City graphic novels, this past weekend. I think that Rodriquez has created something special here. It is film filled with rather graphic images of violence primarily but also sexual in nature. Despite this, it suggests some positive things about filmmaking. The film cost only 40 million dollars to make, compared to Sahara opening next week that cost around 160 with much of the Sin City budget going to the outstanding cast. The ability to create locations digitally may really significantly change how movies are made. Done well, worlds that up until now were cheesy stages with tin foil and Dr. Who props can be fully realized. I suspect that it will take as much or more talent to create digital worlds as it does to shoot in the real world. Story will also be essential, just ask George Lucas who has become so enamoured of his CGI that he has forgotten plot and character.

Rodriguez and Miller have created a world where characters can spout incredibly noir comments and get away with it. There is one that references a palsy patient doing brain surgery that was truly unique.


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