Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

I went and saw Snakes and it met my expectations. Not high art by any stretch of the imagination but probably the best popcorn film so far this year. It had some memorable lines and a few never to be forgotten visuals (the crotch bite still gives me a little twinge).

Much of the coverage of the film was that it did not do as much business as expected on the opening weekend. I believe that the film will make plenty of money for the studio but it will do so over an extended period of time. Studios are so enamoured of the opening weekend box office that that is all they consider. This has caused their marketing to become skewed. They also attempt to fix the reviews (or prevent them from appearing by refusing to allow reviewer to preview the films) so that nothing will break the weekend box office. If they spent more time trying to make movies people would enjoy rather than marketing crap, they would make more money in the long rum.

Snakes is a film that many will go to again and again just to find all the snake bites. It will be a profitable film. They just need to be patient.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snakes? What about that NASCAR movie? Maybe you would see it if there were snakes in the trunk, if those cars had trunks?

9:41 AM  

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