Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iraq media coverage

J.D. Johannes, a former marine and reporter who produced syndicated TV reports from within Iraq is interviewed at TCSDaily. One of his comments on the main stream media members is

Also, and this is probably the most disturbing part, many journalists have not figured out that they're being targeted by the enemy on purpose to help shape the coverage of the war. The insurgents don't want the reporters out and about running around. They're completely satisfied with the "balcony" report and some video shot by a stringer of the daily car bomb. That's the message that the insurgents want to get out. They don't realize that warfare is both the kinetic and non-kinetic. And, therefore, they miss how they're being played by the insurgents. I wish more reporters realized that.

I am not sure what the solution for the reporters is. Being directly targeted makes going out more dangerous not less, but giving in lets the enemy set the agenda. They also hate high profile journalists getting blown up. It makes for very bad morale in the news room.


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