Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I have seen two very different and yet interesting films lately. This has been a welcome surprise since this year has been one of drek in the theaters.

I saw Snakes on a Plane which I commented on earlier and A Scanner Darkly which was an interesting film and yet one for which the advertising missed the central focus of the film. The advertising suggested that the two personas on the main character were unaware of each other and this is patently untrue. He is the only one who knows that Officer Fred is Bob Arcter until the very end but he clearly does know.

The twist at the end suggested issues about the society in which the film was constructed that were never addressed leaving me feel like the whole thing was unfinished. The notion of the corporate power and independence from governmental authority was reminiscent of a movie from the 1970's and yet it was never discussed or dealt with. It was shown and then left hanging on the screen. If they wanted to suggest that it was representative of current events in some way, they clearly missed their mark.


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