Thursday, May 25, 2006

More on Congressional Whining

The leaders of Congress clearly need a big old block of cheese to go along with their whining. The poor criminal bribe taking member of the House of Representatives must be protected at all costs apparently. The only protections for members of congress in the Constitution are that they can not be arrested on the floor or while going to and from the floor or arrested for what they say on the floor of Congress. There is no protection for their offices. They don't get to commit whatever crimes they want and only answer to the namby pamby ethics committees that go out of their way to not say anything bad about anyone, unless they work in the executive branch.

The only thing the Republicans and Democrats have been able to agree on in years is that they are "special" and are above the law.

They are disgusting and should all, regardless of party, be voted out of office.

Bush is placating the little babies now. He has sealed the records recovered from Jefferson's office for 45 days for a cooling off period. Perhaps he should have told them to grow the hell up. That and if they were all that serious about ethics, then the FBI wouldn't have had to search the office. The House of Representatives would have dumped him long ago, but they would never do that because William Jefferson, like Dennis Hastert, is "special."


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