Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baseball Trip Day Six

Day six was an easy day. The drive from Durham to Winston-Salem was only a couple of hours and the stadium was fairly easy to find. We actually had enough time to kill in W-S that we went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum that afternoon. When we got to the stadium though our good karma from the cheap tickets early in the week came back to bite us. It was Christian Concert night and all tickets were $12 which was by far the most expensive seats we had seen all week.

The game between the Winston-Salem Warthogs and the Potomac Nationals was actually a good game. It was not necessarily well played as there were a number of errors, mistakes, wild pitches, etc. Both catchers were about to kill members of their pitching staffs by the end of the game. The score was close all the way through and we got extra innings with a 5-5 tie. This lasted till the top of the twelfth when the Warthogs imploded and gave up 9 runs. The game ended with a 14-5 National win.

The stadium was attractive but had less leg room than any stadium we had seen all week. It was rather uncomfortable. See the knee photo below. We are jammed in there.


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