Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Baseball Trip Day Two

Day was scheduled to be in Charleston. We were hoping for better weather after Monday's rain out. Fortunately for the whole trip, Charleston had been rained out on Monday as well so there would be a double header on Tuesday. The Charleston Riverdogs were going to play two with the Hickory Crawdads.

As we drove into Charleston we passed in front of the building where the nine firefighters were killed. There was a large memorial out front of what was left of the building. It was a rather somber sight.

We had plenty of time before the game and so went into the historic district and went through a large flea market. One of the remarkable things were the large number of booths with identical Saw grass baskets. Clearly someone has developed some designs and taught some low-income people to make baskets as a way to make a living. There were some really nice examples but they were hideously expensive so I passed. We also saw a couple of nice galleries including one that was a co-op for craft artists that had some very nice pottery and stained glass pieces. We also went to the waterfront and looked across the river at the USS Yorktown. We passed on going through the aquarium but it did look nice from the outside.

At the stadium, we were pleased with another promotion with Two for Tuesday which once again gave us $2 tickets. Karma would pay us back for this at the end of the week but it was nice while it lasted.

There was a short rain shower just before the game was scheduled to start but in the end there was very little delay. Hickory defeated Charleston handily in both games. One of the interesting things here was that the stadium announcer was mobile and we could see him moving around and making announcements from where ever in the stadium he happened to be. Charley the Riverdog was just the first of many interesting mascots that we enjoyed during the week.


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