Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Baseball Trip Day One

We started our baseball trip in Savannah with a game between the Sand Gnats and the Greensboro Grasshoppers. We went down early and wandered through City Market spending a fair amount of time in the art galleries. This is an area that has finally become what the developers said it would be, namely a center for local artists and the arts. There was a very lovely painting of the Tybee Lighthouse from the beach rather than the more typical view from the river that was very appealing. While I thought about acquiring it, the $500 pricetag was enough to dissuade me.

We then went out to Grayson Stadium arriving about an hour before game time and were pleasantly surprised to find a $2 promotion which meant that GA tickets, hotdogs and sodas (as well as beer) were $2 each. We went in got something to eat and got settled in some really nice seats behind home plate, as there are advantages to getting there early, and then it started to rain. It looked like a traditional afternoon shower and the stadium personnel seemed confidant that it would stop and there would be a game. They even got so far as having the tarp about half-way off when the rain intensified and that was the end of that. Not an auspicious start but a start all the same.


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