Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have been watching with Foley scandal develop with an ever sinking feeling in my stomach. When will these numbnuts ever learn. They simply have no moral courage or sense of right and wrong anymore. All they can consider is potential political fallout, continually forgetting the lesson of Richard Nixon. It is always better to ask for forgiveness than to try and cover something up. If Nixon had, in March of 1973, came out and admitted that his campaign had done wrong with Watergate etc. and that he was taking full responsibility and apologize to the nation it would have been a one week story. Instead, he ended up resigning and many of his closest aides went to jail for aiding in the coverup.

The Speaker of the House should have stood up a year ago and denounced Foley and demanded a full investigation and then thrown him out of the House and he would now be lauded a a leader of strength and someone to be respected. Instead, even if the Republicans hold on to the House, something that is looking less likely every day, the odds of him retaining his position are slim. He will become the House Republicans' sacrificial lamb when that should have been Foley.

Maybe they should take a good look at anyone on the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus just to be sure there are not anymore pedophiles lurking about.


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