Monday, September 25, 2006

The Protector

Tony Jaa just might be the next Jet Li or Jackie Chan. Li and Chan have dominated the martial arts film genre world wide for three decades. (The US was the last part of the world to catch on and their best films do not include any of their Hollywood projects.) Both have stated that they are done with the genre largely because they simply can not keep up the level of activity necessary with their aging bodies. While they have physical skills far superior to almost anyone else in the world is beside the point.

With them stepping off of the stage, there is room for a new star to emerge. Tony Jaa just might be that guy. His physical skills are outstanding and in this film their are extended fight scenes that are shot with a single camera and without apparent cuts. He simply goes from opponent to opponent without break. His style (he is Thai) is also impressive. They demonstrate this against several different styles including an extended sequence against a Capoeira fighter (a Brazillian style) and a Wushu (Chinese) fighter with a sword that concludes with a HUGE western fighter (he looked like a professional wrestler) and it was interesting that he adapts himself to each fighter through the scene. It was very well done.

A very watchable film with some outstanding action sequences.


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