Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Annoyed Again

Politics, politicians and pundits are beginning to once again annoy me. The CIA leak investigation is spinning in circles and I want it to be done. If Karl Rove or "Scooter" Libby (and shouldn't he have dumped that nickname at his frat house) violated the law, Bush should know by now and should have taken direct action. If they did and he doesn't then he is complicit in the action in my opinion. Lately there have been pundits saying that is is all the criminalization of political behavior, I suspect, opening a door for someone to weasel their way out of what they have coming to them. It is not the criminalization of political behavior, it is the enforce of the law on criminal behavior. If politics in this country have reached the point where criminal behavior is acceptable as political behavior, then we need an entirely new set of politicians and pundits.

The pundits and, for anyone following Judy Mitchell's foolishness, many reporters are as deeply invested as the politicians and as complicit in the faults therein. To be more blunt, the difference between politicians and the political reporters covering them has become almost nonexistant and their agendas are as likely to drive the outcome of political activity as any other lobbying group. They just don't have to report their contributions or spending publically.


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