Saturday, April 01, 2006

Private Armies

I commented on Blackwater USA's offer of a brigade sized force for peacekeeping roles for any taker. The return of private military forces, which have been very negligable for the last couple of centuries at least, has been something that I have expected to see for a while now. I am a little surprised at how this has developed. I really expected major international corporations to develop these to provide for security for their facilities and personnel worldwide.

Though, outsourcing has been in fashion for a while, so why should Exxon develop their own military forces, when they can hire them from Blackwater when they need them.

And, yes, the initial discussion was to national governments and the UN, but if anyone does not think that Blackwater, or one of their competitors, won't take Exxon's contract they are delusional.

I must say that I am using Exxon as an example. It could just as easily be Motorola, Royal Dutch Shell, or Ford.


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