Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Treason in Langley

ABC News' Brian Ross reported that covert action against Iran had been authorized by the President. This story was based on leaks of classified information from the Central Intelligence Agency. This is not the first time during the Bush Presidency that the CIA has been the source of leaks of classified information designed to make the President look bad or to undermine his policies. For the average citizen, there is no restriction on our speech, we can say what we want about who we want with little or no consequence. For individuals employed by the government with security clearances, this is not the case. They have sworn oaths to not divulge information. They are also forbidden to do so by law.

Apparently, the CIA doesn't really care about security any more. Some prosecutor in the Justice Department should call Brian Ross before a grand jury and ask for the names of his sources and when he refuses to answer throw him in jail until he changes his mind. At the same time the FBI should go out to Langley and rip the place apart until they find the individuals responsible and then see to it that they are prosecuted and when convicted sent to jail for a very long time. An object lesson on the consequences of treason should be made. We should spend at least as much effort tracking down these dirt bags as was spent on locating and then not prosecuting Richard Armitage for leaking Valerie Plame's name. After all, in this case, a real crime has actually been committed.


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